Zomblog by T.W. Brown


Title: Zomblog
Series: Zomblog
Author: T.W. Brown
Genre: Horrow
Release Date: 2010
Format Read: Kindle
Pages: 262


“Back of Book” Summary:

Samuel Todd is a regular guy: …Failed husband… …Loving father… …Dutiful worker… …Aspiring rockstar. He had no idea if anyone would care, or take the time, to read his daily blog entries about his late night observations. But what started as an open monologue of his day-to-day life became a running journal of the firsthand account detailing the rising of the dead and the downfall and degradation of mankind…

My Review:

I recently finished another semester and finally have time to read what I want to read about: zombies. Zomblog by TW Brown was a nice transition from months of academic books to that of fiction. Sure, I watch some TV and movies, but nothing compares to how relaxing I find reading. I think all avid readers can agree that there isn’t much that takes your mind off everyday life like getting sucked into a novel and envisioning life in another world. A fantasy world on a different plane of time and space.

Zomblog, takes place directly before the zombie apocalypse and follows several survivors for a little less than a year. Like most zombie stories the origin of the infection is rather glossed over. In this book, it came from Indonesia. This book is written like a blog, or perhaps calling it a journal would be a better description. The original author is Sam, who details the beginnings of the outbreak and his travels and interactions with many different survivor groups. Eventually Sam dies and his girlfriend, Meredith, takes up the journal recording as she fights daily to survive in a world full of the undead and diminishing food and other resources. The book is written in short dated entries-what the author refers to as a blog- in first person perspective. The author chose a writing style that was more representative of how people actually talked, which absolutely went well with the book’s style as being a ‘blog.’ However, the writing was rather simplistic because of this. Not once was there a time when I thought ‘wow that is beautiful phrasing’ or any words that struck me as powerful imagery. I guess literary genius isn’t something I should realistically expect from a zombie novel. However, what I was expecting was an original story with gore and that is what I got. Parts of the book are absolutely gruesome. Perhaps enough to give some people nightmares and definitely beyond what a film producer would add into a movie adaptation of this book.

Overall, the casual language used in this book makes for a very quick read. The storyline is original but redundant at times as the characters are constantly running into similar situations. It is a good zombie novel. This is the first in a trilogy. I would find it worthwhile to read the others, especially since this novel ended on a cliffhanger.


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