Seer of Mars by Cindy Borgne


Title: Seer of Mars
Series: Vallar (Book #1)
Author: Cindy Borgne
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: 2011
Format Read: Kindle
Pages: 380
Rating: 3feathers

“Back of Book” Summary:

Sixteen year old Ian Connors is a psychic working for Marscorp, the biggest bully organization on Mars. His job is to use his ability to uncover secrets or hidden bases of other organizations so the Marcs can conquer them. Even though he’s been brought up to believe this is normal, he soon discovers the ugly reality of war. He hates the suffering and death caused by a vision he reported to the admiral. Ian feels responsible after finding a hidden base of a small organization that was only trying to survive.

In order to redeem himself, Ian vows to never let anyone use his ability for death and destruction again. His goal is to escape and live in peace, but the leaders monitor him closely and defectors are known to mysteriously disappear. Despite his age, inexperience and few allies, he refuses to give up. He must outwit a cunning admiral and a powerhouse organization, or he will remain a pawn and forever separated from those he loves.

My Review:

In Cindy Borgne’s book Vallar, humans have established colonies on Mars. The colonies were run like organizations. Marscorp, the most powerful colony with a large standing army tried to control the other colonies by exploiting all their resources. The people of other colonies eventually joined together to fight back. Vallar is one of these ‘rebel’ colonies.

Ian Conners who has psychic abilities works for Marscorp. He attempts to intercept messages between the rebel colonies. He believes he is doing the right thing by protecting Marscorp, however he is actually one of the greatest weapons Marscorp has in their quest to completely control the resources of Mars.

Ian’s world is turned upside down when he has a vision about Kayla, a woman he is to fall in love with in the future. This woman is from the Vallar colony but is working undercover in Marscorp. Ian finally realizes how much of a dictator his beloved admiral is. As Ian’s loyalties change he fights for his own survival but also the protection of Kayla, the Vallar organization, and all its allied colonies.

This book isn’t exactly what I would call original. Vallar is a typical science fiction novel, nevertheless it was a good, quick read.


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