Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz


Title: Your Heart Belongs to Me
Series: N/A
Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 2008
Format Read: Paperback
Pages: 338


“Back of Book” Summary:

At thirty-four, Internet entrepreneur Ryan Perry seemed to have the world in his pocket—until the first troubling symptoms appeared out of nowhere. Within days, he’s diagnosed with incurable cardiomyopathy and finds himself on the waiting list for a heart transplant; it’s his only hope, and it’s dwindling fast. Ryan is about to lose it all…his health, his girlfriend Samantha, and his life.

One year later, Ryan has never felt better. Business is good and he hopes to renew his relationship with Samantha. Then the unmarked gifts begin to appear—a box of Valentine candy hearts, a heart pendant. Most disturbing of all, a graphic heart surgery video and the chilling message: Your heart belongs to me.

In a heartbeat, the medical miracle that gave Ryan a second chance at life is about to become a curse worse than death. For Ryan is being stalked by a mysterious woman who feels entitled to everything he has. She’s the spitting image of the twenty-six-year-old donor of the heart beating steadily in Ryan’s own chest. And she’s come to take it back.

My Review:

Your Heart Belongs to Me starts out with a great storyline. People dueling about who gets pushed to the top of the heart transplant list. Those with enough money are able to buy an organ without questioning where it came from. Ignoring the clues that suggest the heart came from a recently living healthy person who fell victim to a murderous scam. Ryan Perry is one of those ignorant men who received one of these transplanted hearts. Soon he discovers he is being stalked and terrorized from a member of the victim’s family.

About 75% of this book is great. However, the ending is just awful. All of Koontz’s books have happy endings (at least the ones I’ve read). Sometimes it flows with the story. But in this book it does not. Sometimes a great story needs a sad and suspenseful ending. As stated in my review of Intensity, I also did not like that ending. However, it was not as bad as this book’s was. The ending ruined the entire book. I would not recommend anyone read this but the most diehard of Koontz fans.

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