How I Rate Books

Disclaimer: I give all books an unbiased chance, regardless of publisher, author’s name recognition, or other reviewers opinions. These are my opinions. You may read the book and have a similar experience or a different opinion. That is OK. Some of the best books were once declined by large publishers- this indicates we all perceive what constitutes a good book differently. If you agree or disagree with my rating please feel free to comment. Also, the ratings on my Shelfari and Goodreads bookshelves may differ due to a more strict rating system for this blog and will be adjusted in the future.
5 Feathers: 5feathers
Fiction: Every once in a while I find a gem of a book that I cannot stop thinking about for weeks to come. These are the types of books that all authors aspire to write. These books have at least one of two qualities: they either have prose that is so strikingly well written that the book stands out among others, or the storyline is so original and imaginative that the book stands out among others in its genre. These are considered the best, must read, books.
Non-Fiction: These books have the highest standards of research methods and ethics. They are interesting, radical, or have something original to say. These are highly recommended books.
4 Feathers: 4feathers
Fiction: 4 Feather books may not ever be referred to as literary masterpieces. However, they are well written and have entertaining storylines that make them enjoyable and worth while to read.These are considered good books and are strongly recommended.
Non-Fiction: These books have the highest standards of research methods and ethics. They are interesting, but may not have the most original theories. These are recommended books on the subject matter.
3 Feathers: 3feathers
Fiction: 3 Feather books may have entertaining plots but they are perhaps not entirely original or have enough grammar or historical errors to make them be down rated. Sometimes 3 Feather books are written very well but I just did not like the story or found it boring. These books are considered mediocre. These books are not an entire waste of time, but could be improved. These are your middle-of-the-road, average book.
Non-Fiction: These books leave the reader with too many unanswered questions. The research methods and ethics may be in question or not detailed enough by the author. These books are not terrible, the research is not bad enough to discredit, but should be considered mediocre.
2 Feathers: 2feathers
Fiction: 2 Feather books are not always terribly written, but may give off the perception of having an amateur (or inexperienced) author in drastic need of an editor. The storyline may not be very original and/or there may be a great deal of grammatical or historical errors that stick out to the point they take away from the book’s enjoyment. I consider these to range from mediocre to just plain bad. These are books that have somehow tricked me to read them in their entirety.These are books that I would never read again and would not recommend.
Non-Fiction: These are books that are blatant knock-offs of other people’s ideas and theories without anything new to add. The research methods may be faulty or unethical. These are books that I would not read again, reference, nor recommend.
1 Feather: 1feather
Fiction/Non-Fiction Abandoned Books: Occasionally  there are books that I must abandon- and this surely is the most disrespect one can give to a book. Life is too short to devote more time than necessary to a bad book. Sometimes these books are well written, but so boring or uninteresting that I cannot allow myself to continue. I admit that these books, if read in entirety, may have had a different rating. However, there is something about them that discourages me from continuing. There is no true formula for how far I will read, but generally I give books about 50-100 pages to keep my attention.

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